Bali Contrasty

Bali is similar to Phuket. They both are tourist-dominated city: they provides a lot for tourists so that it seems the cities are not what they were in the past. But they actually are; from the touristy shell, you can also feel the traditional Balinese inside. No matter how avant-garde the hotel design is, a hugh spiritual spiritual house is there. Traditional offerings are every where on the street even in front of Roxy.

Travelers visit Bali for these rich traditions and cultures that still remain but are hidden in every aspect of Balinese lifestyle. But even though Bali island is not that big but each attraction locates pretty remote from another. So it will take a whole day or two days for only temple tours, from Ubud to Denpasar.

Tempaksiring Temple

Tempaksiring Temple

Hilltop lake is interesting, but a hilltop lake with a lakeside temple is more interesting. Tempaksiring Temple locates on the lakeside with a stunning backdrop of hilly mountains and softly cloud. It’s look like Guilin in China as what I’d seen from the brochure.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

Only with great effort and faith that people can built Tanah Lot temple on that hugh offshore rock. It is believed that the temple was built during the 15th century, dedicated the the spiritual god. The setting is stunning as the all-black construction was there on the fragile-looking rock for hundreds years. Above all, the most vital reason to be here is the sunset — this stunning sunset panorama is what you won’t see else where.

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