Sexy Me by Patcharapa

Sexy Me by Patcharapa

Sexy Me by Patcharapa

When I first got the press release I though it was the latest perfume by Britney Spears but it’s not. It’s Aum.

Yeah, that’s her – Aum Patcharapa. And she finally gets her own scent! Can you guys imagine how crazy this is?

Sexy Me by Patcharapa (B1,650/100ml) will, from the release – I haven’t tried – reflect the power of women through sweet yet sexy aroma bottled in gold and pink crystal case.

Let’s check it out!

8 thoughts on “Sexy Me by Patcharapa

    1. Dear All,
      you can find SEXY ME By Patchrapa in several chains and websites.
      – All MIST1000PARFUMS perfumeries
      – All Robinson (from 1st september)
      – All 7/11 stores (from 24th august)
      – Several The Mall, Central

      TV Direct
      We love


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