The Naked Kitchen

And then I am now acknowledged how much can bad subtitle screw up the movie after I watched The Naked Kitchen.

The Naked Kitchen

Though it’s said to be a much awaited film here, I’d no clue what this movie’s about. All I knew was only a main cast is a popular star (forgot his name) who played Prince Chin in Princess Hours. Yeah, the same one who also got accused of drugs addicted. But of course he looks gorgeous.

The story is complex. It’s a married couple who’ve seen each other since a very young age. One day the husband quits his job to open a restaurant. He then  needs helps from a French-Korean guy who is an expert is gastronomy. (Yeah – that’s him.) The husband welcomes the chef guy to stay under the same roof during the training. The problem is that – that handsome man turns out to be a guy who ever had an affair with the wife – shit. The rest of the movie talks about how they’re going to come over harsh times for living three people in a house. Soud confused? Yeah, even I’m writing it – it’s still confusing.

This is not the happy ending story, so – do not expect much.

Ok, this is a Korean movie. So you have to choices: in Korean with Thai subtitles or in Thai voice over. Normally, I prefer the Korean movie in Thai as we’re going to enjoy more jokes. But but but, at the press preview it was in Korean with Thai subtitle.

Actually I should have understood more about the story if the subtitle was more clearly seen. Each alphabet is so faded and blurred as if you were in the second class theatre. Hey I was in the SF World! And Then? I cou’dn’t read the whole thing and that’s why I don’t really understand the movie. And it wasn’t only me, of course. When I was in the toilet after the film ended, other people were also discussing how they disappointed toooo.

One thought on “The Naked Kitchen

  1. I saw this movie with pretty well translated English subtitles.
    You didn’t miss much.
    A selfish insensitive (and married) chick has regular fun-bags with an arrogant annoying dude.

    But all of wife’s sluttiness and betrayal is fine, because she looks like a 5 year old rag doll… So she’s innocent and cute as a button.

    Where’s the justice.

    I wish I saw it with Thai subs.

    The filming was gorgeous. Just stupid story.

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