Lea Salonga Live in Bangkok

Please forgive me that I don’t know anything about Lea Salonga – at least until today that I just went to her cencert at Queen Sirikit National Center. Only after the first song I suddenly realized this woman is truly incredible! You could simply see from seats that 99.99% were occupied!

Lea performed her favorites from Disney films and broadway shows. So what I listened were songs from Miss Saigon as well as from Aladdin and Mulan. Surprised guest tonight was Suthasinee Budhinan. Second surprise was that she invited audiences to go on stage and sing as Aladdin, while she sang Jasmin, in A A Whole New World – who’s gonna expect that!

Ask me which part I was most impressed? Many. But I can still remember till now is when she sang The Little Mermaid theme song – Part of That World. It was like you just saw the real mermaid came up from the sea and serenade the remarkable melodies. Omg, I don’t know how to explain. Just feeling so happy I didn’t miss it!

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