Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Who you expect to meet in the BTS?

Who do you expect to meet in the BTS?

I went to the press preview of Bangkok Traffice Love Story on Oct 13. It was one of the most crowded press preview I’ve been to , so far. Well, this is actually one of the most long-awaited Thai film this year—thanks to the superstar Ken Theeradej plus Kris Horwang. And you’ll know the synopsis from all movie websites—a 30-something desperate girl who runs into a heartthrob BTS engineer.

First question you’ll get to answer after the press review’s gonna be: was the film good? And here’s the answer.—It’s cute.

I don’t know if it’s because of (1) I did expect too much? Or (2) I’m not a 30-something desperate girl who takes BTS everyday so don’t get the ‘feeling.’

With popular stars, permission from BTS (you know you can’t really take photos inside the train) and everything—the movie can be better. It’s too comedic to be a romance and too romantic to be  a comedy. But it’s also not an unforgettable romantic-comedy.

But if you ask me should you go see the film? You should, at least to know what people are talking about and to see how cute P’Ken is. And of course, you’re not me so you might love it a lot.

But to me, my most favorite film of this year is still the Best of Times (kwamjumsun).

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