Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Who you expect to meet in the BTS?

Who do you expect to meet in the BTS?

I went to the press preview of Bangkok Traffice Love Story on Oct 13. It was one of the most crowded press preview I’ve been to , so far. Well, this is actually one of the most long-awaited Thai film this year—thanks to the superstar Ken Theeradej plus Kris Horwang. And you’ll know the synopsis from all movie websites—a 30-something desperate girl who runs into a heartthrob BTS engineer.

First question you’ll get to answer after the press review’s gonna be: was the film good? And here’s the answer.—It’s cute.

I don’t know if it’s because of (1) I did expect too much? Or (2) I’m not a 30-something desperate girl who takes BTS everyday so don’t get the ‘feeling.’

With popular stars, permission from BTS (you know you can’t really take photos inside the train) and everything—the movie can be better. It’s too comedic to be a romance and too romantic to be  a comedy. But it’s also not an unforgettable romantic-comedy.

But if you ask me should you go see the film? You should, at least to know what people are talking about and to see how cute P’Ken is. And of course, you’re not me so you might love it a lot.

But to me, my most favorite film of this year is still the Best of Times (kwamjumsun).

Thailand Mobile Expo 2009

Have you every had a big disappointment when you expected something a lot? When you thought that something should be really really good or interesting but you later found out that it’s not, both itself and by somebody else, is really disappointed.

Okay, I got expectations. Expectations to those new mobile phones advertised on TV and magazines so I managed to get to Thailand Mobile Expo 2009 on Friday evening. I knew that in Thailand, Expo is not an event to show ideas but instead a grand sale event. BTW, I hoped to see new innovations and had a chance to try new technologies. I therefore went straight to big brands: LG, HTC, Samsung and Nokia. (For iPhone, I play my boss’s, he he). Here’s the story.

I went to LG first, as the booth sits close to the side entrance I walked in. My goal for LG was to try the new LG Crystal, a touch-cum-slide phone that the slide pad where you press keys is made of transparent plastic. Yaah, transparent so I was wondering to know how it works. The phone adopts the same UI as Arena so I did try it then I tried asking to explain this new technology. Well, the answer was I could find from daily papers—better explanation can be found on Wired or Pantip, so I gave up an walked away. Mission incomplete. salespersons

One-meter touchscreen phone at HTC

Then it’s the main reason I went there, HTC, where the one-meter-size touch phone attracted—well, seduced—me to get to it. And it can really work; you can realy touck, poke, scroll just like you do on your phone. Okay, it’s impressive—go on. My mission here was to try Android, a new mobile OS developed by Google that my geek friends are talking about. I lined up to try the newly launched Hero but, poor me, the battery ran out so I then switched to Magic. The Android feature looks really nice, especially graphic interface. But when I took more time, things got more complicated. (Okay, I didn’t read manual.) I tried a snap-and-share feature by tried setting a Facebook account in the phone’s photo gallery so photo(s) can be upload in one click after you take. Okay it went well; it’s easy to do so. Then I tried to sign out from my Facebook account. But I couldn’t. And it took my half an hour I was an idiot trying to signout from my fucking account without any salespersons or engineers did care. When she came, she couldn’t help—that’s fine, I didn’t expect everybody to know about this. But instead of rush to find somebody to help she just tried to sell me that fucking phone! Hey, girl, what’re you thinking? When another guy came, finally, he then replied that the only way I could sign out is to reset the phone. WTF! I gave up. There’s no need to yell or rant any more. I’ll study on my own. Mission incomplete.

Samsung i8910HD—this is great!

Then it’s Samsung. I tried Samsuang i8910HD during my trip with them to Seoul (read here) and was really really pleased and impressed so I dragged my friend to show him how great it is. The i8910HD is the first Samsung phone that uses Symbian (so it’s user friendly though you don’t have manuals), takes great photos and HD videos and the touchscreen is responsive very well just like iPhone. While he was trying that iphone rip-off, I paid my attention to another new opening Samsung Candy, an economy touchscreen phone that comes in cutesy bright yellow and shocking pink colors and is priced at merely B6,000. Yeah, how can they do that. And I the knew. The phone adopts Samsung original OS for touchphone which is easy to use, even with social network websites, but you couldn’t download or do more with applications—which are what several manufacturers out there are competing. The touchscreen is small (I don’t mind), not high quality (I don’t mid, at this price) but it’s not responsive well and this what I do mind. It’s frustrated. I then tried other models while my friend was still playing i8910 features and found same problems. (Well, may be only mine, according to their selling numbers.) So I’ve learned—quality comes with costs (that perfect i8910HD costs around B26,900) and there’s no cheap-but-good products out there. Mission nearly complete, then.

Nokia creative display

I was exhausted and starving so I stopped by iPhone booth for five minutes just to see current promotions and head directly to Nokia. And again, nothing exciting. No new models on sale except that N97 Mini—a smaller version of the recently launched N97 (for what!). They now focus more on introducing Ovi, their exclusive network, to users. There’re some upcoming models including X Series displayed in sealed plastic cases so no way you can reach or try. Nothing new. And as I didn’t set a mission for Nokia, no rating.

The Expo runs until Sunday Oct 4 so if you pass by, go check it out or at least try using new models as there’s no more at retail shops these days.

Lea Salonga Live in Bangkok

Please forgive me that I don’t know anything about Lea Salonga – at least until today that I just went to her cencert at Queen Sirikit National Center. Only after the first song I suddenly realized this woman is truly incredible! You could simply see from seats that 99.99% were occupied!

Lea performed her favorites from Disney films and broadway shows. So what I listened were songs from Miss Saigon as well as from Aladdin and Mulan. Surprised guest tonight was Suthasinee Budhinan. Second surprise was that she invited audiences to go on stage and sing as Aladdin, while she sang Jasmin, in A A Whole New World – who’s gonna expect that!

Ask me which part I was most impressed? Many. But I can still remember till now is when she sang The Little Mermaid theme song – Part of That World. It was like you just saw the real mermaid came up from the sea and serenade the remarkable melodies. Omg, I don’t know how to explain. Just feeling so happy I didn’t miss it!

The Naked Kitchen

And then I am now acknowledged how much can bad subtitle screw up the movie after I watched The Naked Kitchen.

The Naked Kitchen

Though it’s said to be a much awaited film here, I’d no clue what this movie’s about. All I knew was only a main cast is a popular star (forgot his name) who played Prince Chin in Princess Hours. Yeah, the same one who also got accused of drugs addicted. But of course he looks gorgeous.

The story is complex. It’s a married couple who’ve seen each other since a very young age. One day the husband quits his job to open a restaurant. He then  needs helps from a French-Korean guy who is an expert is gastronomy. (Yeah – that’s him.) The husband welcomes the chef guy to stay under the same roof during the training. The problem is that – that handsome man turns out to be a guy who ever had an affair with the wife – shit. The rest of the movie talks about how they’re going to come over harsh times for living three people in a house. Soud confused? Yeah, even I’m writing it – it’s still confusing.

This is not the happy ending story, so – do not expect much.

Ok, this is a Korean movie. So you have to choices: in Korean with Thai subtitles or in Thai voice over. Normally, I prefer the Korean movie in Thai as we’re going to enjoy more jokes. But but but, at the press preview it was in Korean with Thai subtitle.

Actually I should have understood more about the story if the subtitle was more clearly seen. Each alphabet is so faded and blurred as if you were in the second class theatre. Hey I was in the SF World! And Then? I cou’dn’t read the whole thing and that’s why I don’t really understand the movie. And it wasn’t only me, of course. When I was in the toilet after the film ended, other people were also discussing how they disappointed toooo.

Adidas SLVR

The biggest problem with Yohji Yamamoto’s distinctly stylish Adidas collection, Y-3, is that it’s just way too expensive. Adidas is now launching its second “style” line called Adidas SLVR (Silver). This new collection features minimalist fashion items, ranging from clothing to accessories, in signature silvery grays mixed with vivid blues, oranges and blacks. The newly opened Adidas SLVR at Siam Center is the first SLVR store in Southeast Asia and the seventh in the world. The Bangkok outlet contains a full range of SLVR items from Tshirts (starting at B1,990) to zipped wallets (B1,590), and backpacks (from B1,990).

1/F, Siam Center, Rama 1 Rd., 02-658-1131,