Monocle X BlackBerry 9700 Limited Edition

I don’t know why but, to me, BlackBerry usually looks classier than the iPhone. Especially one from the project that BlackBerry teamed up with my favorite Monocle Magazine to launch a limited edition BlackBerry Bold 9700 that comes with pre-loaded 25/25 Travel Guide, a special leather strap and engraved number at the back. Only if the price is not £750, with only 100 phones available, sit would definitely be out of stock by now, as it’s been launched for more than 10 months. If you can afford one, order at – but I can’t. More details at


Media Skin by KDDI au

Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka in 2007.

Only if this is a GSM phone, it is the phone I would love to go for when I feel fed up with my Storm 2.

Media Skin by Tokujin Yoshioka

Front and back view

More info here.

Tapping Up a Storm

BlackBerry STorm

BlackBerry STorm

AIS has finally brought the first touch-screen BlackBerry to Thailand. With its 3.2” screen, the BlackBerry Storm is everything you would expect from a BlackBerry but with the entertainment features ramped up and, of course, a touch screen. So alongside the usual business functions like WordToGo and SlideToGo, which let you view and edit your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, the phone also has inbuilt connections to social networking applications like Facebook, MSN and Flickr. It also has an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and auto focus (though the colors aren’t perfect). The auto-rotate function works pretty well and, in another new feature, you can now watch movies. But of course the big breakthrough is the touch screen. Instead of tapping the screen once, you select an icon—it turns blue to show it’s active —then tap again to launch it. If that sounds complicated and awkward, from our brief trial on this handset, it is. Still, we’re sure that’s not going to deter countless BB fans in Bangkok who are willing to fork out B29,900 for this latest device. Contact AIS call center 1175.